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Bottles, Cups, Purification:
Nalgene, Guyot, Klean Kanteen, GSI, Aquamira, humangear



humangear capcap black

humangear capCap

fits Nalgene wide-mouth bottles and Guyot 32 and 38oz bottles. 
does NOT work on klean kanteen






humangear capCap
fits Nalgene wide-mouth bottles and Guyot 32 and 38oz bottles. 
does NOT work on klean kanteen







klean kanteen
18oz Wide Mouth

Stainless Steel Bottle
loop top cap






Guyot Designs the Standard stainless steel water bottle


Stainless Steel
38oz. Wide Mouth


out of stock



GSI Glacier Water Bottle cup pot

   GSI Glacier Water Bottle Cup

18 oz Stainless Steel Cup






olicamp space saver cup

   Olicamp Space Saver Cup

16 oz Stainless Steel Cup






nalgene 16oz wide mouth slate blue

   NALGENE 16oz

Tritan Everyday Bottle 16oz. Wide Mouth
BPA Free

   $7.00  On Sale $6




   NALGENE 32oz

Tritan Everyday Bottle clear
32oz. Wide Mouth
BPA Free





Nalgene Oasis Canteen blue


Oasis Canteen Blue
32oz. Loop Top






Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter Straw

      Aquamira Frontier Water Filter
 Water Filter Straw






McNett Aquamira Frontier Pro
       Portable Water
Filter Straw







Katadyn Micropur tablets

       Water Purification Tablets

   30 tablets





Rothco Bottle Pouch

Rothco Bottle Pouch


On Sale $12





Water is a necessity of life.

Having drinkable water is extremely important for any outing and especially important for everyday living. To help you carry  and obtain drinkable water, we offer a variety of water bottles, filters, and purification products. 

Nalgene is famous for its tough but light drinking bottles.  We present the 1 liter / 32 oz. bottles
below for your carry needs.  This size Nalgene bottle fits many of the Maxpedition products we carry, including the Mini Rollypoly, the 10x4 Bottle Holder and the Jumbo Versipack.   The non-BPA Nalgene Tritan wide mouth bottle line is now available.

To clean and/or purify water, we carry various products, including the easy to pack Micropur Water Purification Tablets and the Aquamira Frontier Water Filter Straw and Frontier Pro.

 Please let us know if there is another Guyot, Nalgene or Katadyn product you would like to see us carry.
























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