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Texas Hoodlum Spring Thing 09
Oxford Ranch Campground
Hosted by Two Wolves Outdoor

May 2009


Thank you to everyone who attended!  It is not a gathering without you.  Very special thanks to the people who made it happen:  Scrap Iron, Swede, rcwalla, Bladetx and Mrs. Bladetx, and everyone who taught a class and shared their knowledge and skills.  A big thank you also to our entertainers Thrope, McKenzie, and Mako.  A personal thank you to our boys Almark and Tepe for making the drive and bringing the mead.  The Pup would like to thank OldSalt, Swede, and Karen Hood for the wonderful gifts.  We would also like to thank the Hood family for making the drive down to join us this year.  Your company was a true pleasure.




Thursday afternoon the fun began.  Our early birds arrived....



... we had a great dinner on the patio... Oxford Ranch made chicken and dumplings from scratch....



... then the beverages flowed and the fun began...

Swede and Ghostwolf present rcwalla with some camp lounge wear more appropriate than he has displayed in the past... rc models them for us... the shorts read "DO I HAVE MY PANTS ON?



thrope takes and adult beverage nap after sampling too many variations and the games began...
...later, Swede and Bladetx help him to the truck for transporting to bed... not photographed was thatmckenzie, who waited until thrope was safely in the truck before nodding off in a chair.





Friday was a day for setting up, relaxing, visiting and waiting for more friends to arrive.

Friday morning found thatmckenzie sporting the Hubcap of Shame... thrope had actually worn it first that morning... a good sport nonetheless, mc settles down to visiting with mrs. Bladetx and carving a crochet hook for working with cord.



livesalone has gotten the craft tent set up... and OldSalt is laying out the beautiful walking staffs he carves



The guys try out hawks and share conversation while the Dita dog relaxes with a chew bone gifted to her by Karen Hood





Ron has gotten out the foundry to set up and begin working with...






Ah Saturday... the food, the friends, the knowledge, the sharing.... the rain....


Karen talking to Bill and Boondocker



Dr. Thumbs leads a group in making bread in a dutch oven...





Many other activities are going on as well...


TR Zimmerman leads a plant walk



Mrs. Bladetx leads a class in braiding paracord bracelets... I take time to join this one.




Meanwhile... Bladetx and Shotgunner are back at the hawk...
and Karen and her son are working with gourds...




... and then, it began to rain.... and rain... and rain...but a little rain doesn't stop a group of hoodlums...we erected a Swede debris hut to gather under with food and drink, and migrated back out to the fire as the rain let up...




In the hoodlum tradition of items having multiple uses, the Dita dog uses the hubcap of shame as a dinner plate.... next to her is Tepe, who she wrapped around her little paw early on.




With the rain let up, drthumbs leads a group in more dutch oven cooking...
next on the menu is tonight's dessert:  peach cobbler!




And then it was time for dinner at last...among all the wonderful items on the menu were the fresh rabbit brought by Mr. and Mrs. Bladetx (cooked up by Swede and ScrapIron), the tortilla soup made by mighty mouse (just to die for!), the incredible cornbread by Mrs.Bearbait (thanks for the recipie), a wonderful rice dish by Mr and Mrs Groundskeeper, beans, sausage, and other goodies.


Swede showing the rabbit on the grill



... and then Karen and Ron made donuts ala Cave Cooking 2






Amid the visiting and questions of "when are we going to start the trade blanket" the grills have been started ... a brisket was put on early and rabbit and sausage are being heated for lunch.



Folks began gathering as soon as possible for the trade blanket... I took it as a hint.



Presentations were first...
Oldsalt brought out a magnificent custom walking staff carved by him and presented it to our very own Pup... her bright smile says it all....
then drthumbs presented me with a comprehensive first aid kit to tend the often cut and bashed Ghostwolf with... nurse's outfit not included.



Our trade blanket master of ceremonies was Scrap Iron... he did a great job of making it fun and keeping things going... we had a wonderful time.




After the trade blanket was the drawing for the Hoods Woods Raffle... the winner is:  eagle357. We did a second drawing for a Gerber and that winner was Master of Ceremonies Scrap Iron.




After the Trade Blanket, the classes and other activities resumed...


rcwalla is surrounded by kids and adults alike for his comprehensive knots and lashes class


... then Swede gave a blade sharpening class... it was followed up by a leather work class by Fishbait




Then it rained again.... but not for long.


After the rain shower passed, I assisted mighty mouse and drthumbs with a first aid class...
this was followed by a first aid kit discussion by drthumbs.



Not properly photographed was the excellent dinner we had and the much discussed fellowship around the fire that lasted late into the evening, where we talked about everything from livestock to show tunes.



Monday dawned beautiful and sorrowful, for this was the day when those who remained parted ways.




Mako was the final recipient of the Hubcap of Shame... whether he remembers why or not!


Saying goodbyes


The Wolf Pup with her Idol and my new friend, Karen Hood



A final farewell from the last to leave


Thank you to friends old and new for a fantastic gathering!





Favorite Spring Thing Pics by Bill Qualls


3 terrific guys: Tepe, Almark, rcwalla