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Ultimate Survival Technologies

The Ultimate Survival Gear

Sabercut Saw

All purpose survival hand chain saw


The Ultimate Survival Technologies SaberCut™ saw is  a lightweight, strong, versatile and low profile hand saw that is ideal for the survivor but easy to use by anyone. The SaberCut™ is designed to cut through the hardest wood and is so flexible that it will work well in tight or confined spaces. Unlike other premium outdoor saws, the SaberCut™ has a flexible blade for cutting from a variety of angles and in places where you have little clearance. The 24-inch patented flexible chain saw blade has bi-directional, self-cleaning cutting teeth to ensure a smooth, fast action.

While a standard chain saw blade cuts in only one direction, the patented Ultimate Survival SaberCut™ blade cuts in both directions. The result is more efficient and less strenuous cutting. In addition, the cutting teeth are self-cleaning and require little maintenance beyond standard care and occasional sharpening. When sharpening is needed, use a standard chain saw blade sharpening kit. SaberCut™ is specially treated to help retard rust and corrosion.

Web loop handles are bar tacked securely to custom designed steel clips that help prevent the chain from twisting while you cut. The handle clips are specially designed to allow you to hold the saw horizontally when cutting small trees or wood oriented vertically. This allows for a straight cut directly across the grain.

To carry the saw Ultimate Survival Technologies created a flexible sheath made of durable ballistic fabric. Featuring a quick clip buckle and a belt attachment loop, the case holds the saw firmly in place and within easy reach.

Use the SaberCut™ saw to cut down your Christmas tree at a tree farm, prune branches in your back yard, or cut shelter materials in an emergency. It even works under water. To cut high limbs off a tree, just attach a lanyard or light rope to each handle and toss one of the ropes up and over the limb.

The Ultimate Survival SaberCut Saw is a must for the seriously prepared.

Protected by U.S. patents: 4240203, 4193188, 4344229


Ultimate Survival SaberCut Saw  $27.00







Ultimate Survival Technologies is a manufacturer of proprietary survival, rescue, life support, and disaster preparedness equipment.

UST products are used by a variety of customers including the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines, as well as other United States and foreign military services, the CIA, FBI, DEA, NASA, Secret Service, U.S. Customs, SWAT teams, homeland defense agencies, and civil response agencies.

Ultimate Survival Technologies Survival Tools is a collection of some of the world's finest outdoor tools. No matter what you do outdoors, these premier recreational, safety and survival tools can help to simplify your every day life, and even save your life on the worst days.

Now teamed up with Revere Supply Company, UST continues this tradition of quality — bringing you the most innovative and useful products that you can depend on.

Revere Supply Company has been an exclusively family-owned company beginning in 1936, now celebrating 75 years in the survival products business.The company has routinely been honored a vast number of awards and honors for their life-saving supplies and equipment. Revere’s distributor base can be found in over 20 US states...



Special orders welcome

Please let us know if there is a UST product you would like us to special order.  Please allow 7-10 days to receive special order items.







Deluxe Survival Tool Kit

Deluxe Survival Tool kit with BlastMatch


Joezilla in the Field


"If there is a sharp and well set cross-cut saw in the outfit, it makes the work of felling and logging a great deal easier." (Kephart pg.193)
Those words make sense, even with today's new lines of choppers and cutters. I've worked with the handy bucksaws, even constructed a miniature craft bucksaw before. They are wonderful life savers, and a great project, however, sometimes one does not want to pack one of these huge serrated tools in their light weight bags or organized camp kits. Maybe you may pack a saw blade, and construct it out of wood you find. This is fun too, but also takes a bit of time.  While not a buck saw, the Sabre Cut Ultimate Survival Saw packs a toothy maul that would make Pinocchio sap himself in fear.


Ultimate Survival SaberCut Saw               Ultimate Survival Saber Cut Saw


At a minuscule 113 grams, this lightweight splinter sprayer packs compactly in a pouch. The sheath it comes with is very sturdy, but it is a little overkill for such a small saw. I was able to fit my saw snuggly in a SAK pouch, and used the other sheath for a cell phone holder.

Ultimate Survival SaberCut Saw case     Ultimate Survival SaberCut Saw and Case    


The saw measures 26 (24" of cutting links) inches from end to end, not including the webbing handles. It is 35 individual  saw links long, and sports 11 chainsaw teeth along the cutting surface. At each end there is a custom but generous loop link that keeps it straight no matter how you cut.

Ultimate Survival SaberCut Saw blade     



The nitty gritty: 

The saw proved its worthiness in the woods with the types of wood it cut. The saw was especially handy for awkward pieces, as illustrated in the picture.

I needed to get a specific branch of American Hornbeam, AKA ironwood, for a good friend, CWP in Idaho.  If you know ironwood, you know that this was not an easy task. I attached  parachord to the handles of the saw and threw it over the crotch of the tree.  Using the parachord as an extended handle, I was able to saw a specific area that I would not have been able to get with my axe or machete, or even a bow saw easily.


Ultimate Survival SaberCut Saw in use     



 The saw also came to the rescue saving my friend's truck. A very large pine branch was broken, hanging high over the spot  where he parks. With a few throws over the branch, I was able to line up the saw the way I wanted in the nook before it hit the main trunk, and proceeded to take down a branch that was a good 25 feet off the ground. It would be good in post hurricane and storm situations as well. 

The use of:

So, to use the saw, start with a light cut to start your track. The key to using this saw is not power, but speed and smoothness. Once you get the initial cut in, establish your flow and pace and let her rip. It can wear you out; so don't be afraid to stop. Additionally, if you are cutting from underneath, maybe coming up towards you, make sure to either position  the log so that it splits with the weight of the tree (on two other logs) , or put some kind of wedge in there to keep it from pinching your saw. This is good advice for any saw endeavor. I found that if I cut from the bottom, I also needed to spread my arms out as I came up, gradually during the cutting. That way all the force was concentrated on one area rather than lots of surface area. It cut better and faster that way.


Here are some videos to really illustrate the cutting power. 
My battery died before I could complete the cut... in cold weather keep those rechargeable close!

Ultimate Survival SaberCut Saw Review Video        Ulitmate Survival SaberCut Saw Review Video2



Ultimate Survival SaberCut saw reviewTag team it! 

With two people, you have the power of the plaid bearers of old, ripping through large logs like they were nothing. I grabbed a helper one day to go take care of some sweet gum stumps that we left after going a little too crazy with the machete. We were able to get close to the ground and bring those pesky stumps down parallel to where a person steps, therefore saving me from hitting a stump and falling head first into one of my bee hives. Always appreciated. With two people, light landscaping isn't a problem!






On a recent mountain backpacking trip, sjdm4211 (Joseph) and I used it together to take care of the camps' firewood. In a matter of minutes we had cut large logs to put on the fire. The saw cut very large evenly dispersed logs that did well on the fire. That is, until the webbing broke!

The webbing on these may not hold.  We had the breakage out on the trail, but it was an easy quick field fix with some paracord.  .  It is important to note that the metal loop and the saw remained intact. I re-did the chord on it now fed through some small dowel rods to grip easier. If you were to purchase a new one, just reinforce the stitching with some more resilient braided fishing line (I love 50lb test...) or some other type of thread. You  could even shoe glue it to keep the thread. Don't be dissuaded by that mishap, just know that it could happen and take some measures to prevent it. Who goes out without chord  anyway?




How does it compare to other saws?  The pocket chain saw is the closest variation that comes to it. This is the one that comes in the tin.  In a backpacking trip in Dolly Sods wilderness a while back, RobG of the forums and I compared the two. The pocket chain saw cuts a bit finer, due to thinness, also faster, but binds easier. On harder woods, the Ultimate Survival SaberCut Saw did better.  It cuts fluidly, and doesn't bind. I agree with RobG's conclusion in that neither of them don't really outshines the other; you would do well with both. I really love my Ultimate Survival SaberCut saw and will stick with that!

Review by Joe Flowers (aka Joezilla).
Used with permission.
Thank you Joe!


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