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Gossman Knives



This amazing blade from Gossman Knives was completely made to our specifications.  The blade is 5.5 inches of flat ground A2 steel with a full tang.  The handle is expertly finished buffalo horn scales, sized for my large hands and unique grip, complete with lanyard hole.  I call this custom beauty the "Texas Razor" in honor of its most skilled maker and its Texas legal sized blade. 

  *Remember when buying any blade to consider local laws regarding carry and size.




Our lovely Texas Razor came complete with this quality leather pouch sheath.




Here, the razor begins its first outting.




For fun, we began with some old oak branches.  Making kindling was not even a warm up for this blade.  The branches easily split apart with little effort.






Next we took a small Juniper recently nipped (they are undesirable in this area for their weed-like growth and massive water consumption), stripped branches to create a clean cut zone...










...and whacked a foot or so off the top.


You can see where my first whack failed to cleanly sever the trunk... I attribute this to first time use of a new knife;  subsequent whack produced a nice cut indeed.





Then I stripped the rest of the branches off...












... and behold a lovely stick for... well, we shall see.








Then the TXRazor relaxed with us to watch the sunset.










Later in the evening, after a good bath, the razor helped out in the kitchen.  Chopping, slicing and dicing are a smooth and easy breeze with this versatile blade... even with onions.





We look forward to further testing with this beauty and future Gossman Knives.


And speaking of which....


This beauty is the Nessie Necker.  It was a gift from my wonderful friends from the Hoods Woods Hoodlums forum.  It is made of 01 and performs its design tasks perfectly every time.


The task... well, Nessie is a skinner...


is a breeze.

Thank you Scott for another fantastic blade!


 Visit Gossman knives at : www.gossmanknives.com


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