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by Randall Adventure Training

Fire Kit


The ESEE Fire Kit is a “last-ditch” fire starter and mini survival kit container that includes a 20mm button compass in the cap. The watertight capsule has plenty of storage space for tinder, fishhooks, line and other essential survival tools (user supplied). The Fire Kit can be clipped to a belt or vest, carried in your pack or put in the glove box of your vehicle. The compact size and light weight make this kit a very unique survival tool for hikers, adventurers, campers, hunters or anyone else who ventures into the wilds. 


ESEE  Fire Kit   $34








formerly RAT CUTLERY

Military, Law Enforcement, and Survival Knives

Made in the U.S.A

Since 1997, Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin of Randall's Adventure & Training have designed no-nonsense, affordable field knives specifically targeted to military, law enforcement, and serious outdoorsmen. Since their beginnings, ESEE designed knives have become extremely popular and well recognized around the world. Many ESEE knives now serve in the combat zones and are also the "knife of choice" for many local, state and federal law enforcement officers.


ESEE KNIVES has a "No Questions Asked" Warranty.  "If you screw it up, break it, or cut it in two with a cutting torch, send it back and we'll replace it. Warranty is transferable."  
Contact ESEE KNIVES: www.eseeknives.com/contact.htm







Fire building is a step-by-step process with preparation being the key to success. Sources for reliable tinder that will catch readily from a small spark are bird and mouse nests, various tree barks, dead grasses, pocket lint, dry leaves or pre-packaged tinder. Once you have a good tinder bundle, gather progressively larger wood and have this ready before starting your fire. 

Hold the fire starter over the top of your tinder bundle, then place the knife edge at the top of the flint rod and quickly move the fire starter backwards allowing the knife edge to scrape down the flint rod while holding the knife still (See Figure 1 above). Keep striking until your sparks hit the tinder and ignite it. Using this method, you will avoid hitting and scattering your tinder bundle and also keep the sparks directed into the tinder. Once you have a flame, add more tinder and begin placing smaller, dry sticks over the top. Progressively build the fire bigger.

On rainy days it may be necessary to build a makeshift fire shelter from large leaves such as palm or fern fronds, dead branches, or by using the underside of a large log to protect your startup fire. When gathering firewood, always search out standing dead wood since it sheds more water than dead wood lying on the ground. The middle portions of standing dead trees will be dry. You can also break apart fallen dead wood for the drier center portion. 

In a worst-case scenario, you can also use various items from a first-aid kit to help start a fire. Some insect repellents, ointments, alcohol prep pads, hand sanitizers and other first aid items are highly flammable.




by Mistwalker

It was a pleasant surprise to find the button compass is now supplied



 I really like how ESEE actually takes the opportunity to go above and beyond to make this product a better tool for the end user. They give it a great ergonomic shape that's easy to keep a grip on under less than perfect conditions...


... a water-tight storage compartment for tinder and other small items...


... and they even give the user some useful information to read and go by at a time when they may be stressed out and not thinking too clearly.



I like it much better than the ones I've tried that are put out by some other companies who simply engrave a huge logo on the side of a slick aluminum tube while claiming that their "foremost goal "is to help you to survive in the wilderness. Personally, after having bad experiences with a couple of their ferro rods I suspect they are much more interested in making money...but then that is just my opinion. I am thinking this ESEE fire starter is going to be my favorite of all the "full-sized" "user" systems currently available on the market. If it works anywhere near as good as it looks I know it will be.


I've been seeing what all I can get in it. So far I've got a piece of fatwood enough to use for tinder for a few fires under dry conditions (in which case I most likely wouldn't need to use it) and one fire for sure under wet conditions maybe two. I've also got a small capsule with some fish hood and split shot and I have room for fishing line.



I think there is room for some ibuprofen and pseudoephedrine with as much pollen as there is in the air here right not that could be a really good thing.




This thing is really cool.  It really throws some sparks!

I used a piece of a really large dead Pine tree....that's all fatwood...for tinder, and some dry Cedar limbs for fuel and had a little fire very quickly.




... showing him how well the ESEE fire starter works. The series of shots pretty much speaks for itself. I reeeeally like this little jewel.






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