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texas hoodlums



Our own Hoodlum Ghostwolf teamed up with fellow Hoodlum Swede for a day of outdoor skills practice.  Their chosen location was a wooded area of the Texas Hill country.


This looks like a good spot.
Hanging in the tree next to Swede is his gear strap which holds his Maxpedition M-5, Maxpedition Mini Rollypoly with Nalgene, stainless steel cup, billy can, and work knives.
Swede made the gear strap himself from leather.



This tree was laid over by a tornado in the recent past.  It will make a good shelter.



First, some limbs need to be removed.  Swede uses his TOPS Anaconda 9 (shown).  Not shown, Ghostwolf used his Fehrman First Strike.



Some supports were added.





Then some cut cedar branches were added for covering.



Tools of the trade.



Swede gathers stones to make a fire pit.



The guys have constructed a nice fire pit.  Now Swede prepares to make a fire.







Let's make lunch.


Ghostwolf prepares some cactus leaves for the meal.


Plantain and cactus leaves both are on the menu.
Ghostwolf uses a knife made by Swede to prepare the wild edibles.


The boys have an excellent set up going


Lunch cooking over the fire.



Is it done yet?


Swede relaxes after a fine meal.
Near his feet you see the spoon he carved resting in his stainless steel bowl



Ghostwolf is geared back up for the hike out;  his Maxpedition Fatboy S-Type hangs on one side and his Maxpedition Mini Rollypoly hangs on the other with a Nalgene bottle and stainless steel cup in it.


"Swede get that camera off me"



Now it is time for recreation.      "My precious..."




"My turn."


Great job guys.

For more information on the "Hoodlums", visit Hoods Woods at : www.survival.com