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Spring Texas Hoodlum Gathering:  "Spring Thing"
Pedernales Falls State Park
Hosted by Two Wolves Outdoor

April 2008

Camping and Hiking and General Fun
Plant ID with T R Zimmerman
Camp Cooking by E&E



Friday Afternoon

Friday afternoon was spent in wonderful anticipation of the arrival of our fellow Hoodlums.  Amid the food and other preparations, campsite setup, and good conversation, friends old and new trickled in to join us. 


camp chef Eddie, moderator and friend ouchie, and the "Georgia Boys" maglight and gun slinger converse as we wait for others to arrive.




     Friday Dinner

Dinners (and breakfasts) at our gathering were prepared by our friends Eddie and Elizabeth, known as E&E, with a little help from attending Hoodlums.  E&E's outdoor cooking skills and menus are incredible, as anyone who has had the pleasure of eating with them can attest to.  We are fortunate to have them both as friends and as volunteers to cook for this crew.  Meal time is always a favorite part of the gatherings that they cook at.  The after dinner festivities broke up early when a thunderstorm came through.


maglight builds a fire in the firebox for cooking coals




Saturday Morning



It is Saturday morning and Hoodlums are sharing coffee and conspiring.



Plant Identification Hike with Ethnobotanist T.R. Zimmerman

Mr. Zimmerman once again honored us with his presence at our gathering and took us on a hike to identify plants and their usefulness.  We discussed local Juniper, thistles, oak, mesquite, and other plants he identified along the way.   It is always a pleasure to learn from Mr. Zimmerman.  Please visit Texas Wilderness  Resource Awareness Project at www.tx-wrap.com for more information on classes and information guides by Mr. Zimmerman.  We offer our thanks to Mr. Zimmerman and his assistant Kevin Rambo for attending our gathering, and extend thanks to Mr. Ballard for making the arrangements.


Mr. Zimmerman discusses the identification and uses of local juniper.



Saturday Afternoon

Back at the campsites Saturday afternoon, there was much going on.  Some were carving walking sticks, some were carving rabbit sticks.  Livesalone brought gourds and showed us how to make gourd containers.  A few industrious fellows took off to enjoy the falls... without me :( .  Leathernut and his awesome wife, also known as Dwayne and Stacy of Armoralleather, assisted with cooking and activities throughout the weekend.  Stacy, who mostly evaded the camera, was right hand to both myself and Elizabeth.  Dwayne, unable to completely take off work for the gathering, was working on the sheaths he is famous for when not assisting us with something.  Our thanks to both of them.  Of course, amid all this fun were conversations informative and/or hilarious. 


Rabbit Sticks and Walking Sticks
The rabbit stick contest, scheduled for Sunday morning, was rained out.


Ghostwolf shows the rabbit sticks he and our pup carved at home last year to give an example of a carved rabbit stick compared to a raw one.




Livesalone brought gourds for everyone to work on and showed us how to prepare them for bowls and water containers


Other Goings-on


Leathernut works on sheaths



Saturday Dinner

At some point during all the outdoor crafts, E&E have begun making dinner.


Eddie is once again tending the grill



After Dinner

After dinner we all enjoyed wonderful conversation and fellowship as our full stomachs settled.  One of the things discussed was the expectation of more rain and thunderstorms during the night.




Sunday Morning

The expected storms arrived early Sunday morning.  Many of us got the opportunity to learn that our tents and shelters leaked when faced with a severe downpour.    We still enjoyed an awesome breakfast that E&E managed to produce during the rain, as well as coffee and good company.  But it was only after the rain let up that my camera came out.


the sun actually began to peak out after the torrential rain stopped. bq, GW, mrs. Swede, and swede enjoy the waterless air.



For more pictures from Spring Thing, visit:   Bill Quall's Wilderness Survival Page


Thank you to everyone who joined us for Spring Thing.
Thank you to Eddie and Elizabeth for your hard work cooking for us once again.
Also thanks to Ron and Karen Hood of Hoods Woods for providing the forum community that brings us all together. 

See you in the fall!!!