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Girl Scouts Outdoor Cooking

All of the following projects were done by the girls in their first hands-on experience.  Although we had plenty of adult supervision, most everything was done without hands-on assistance.  The girls had watched and studied the Hoods Woods Cave Cooking 2 video 4 days prior.


The girls made a Girl Scout "box oven" by covering a cardboard box inside and out with heavy duty aluminum foil.


This was their very first hands on attempt and was completed without adult assistance.  They chose to utilize  duct tape for securing the foil on the outside. 



To complete the oven, bricks were scrounged from nearby to hold up a cooking grate (they used a baking cooling rack for their oven here) and coals are placed in the bottom.


While the oven heated, the girls mixed a sweet bread for baking.  In keeping with the concept of packing light outdoors, we used a just-add-water pancake/baking mix.  Enough water was added to form a dough.  The girls chose mini chocolate chips for flavor this time but discussed using fruit next time.



Sweet bread muffins go into the oven for baking.  They were done in about 40 minutes and were quite good.
The evening group made another box oven and roasted corn and mixed veggies in both ovens.


While watching Cave Cooking 2, the girls decided they would try their hand at a solar cooker.
Following the instructions from memory, they made this solar cooker and prepared Ramen noodles.
They were so please with the results, they repositioned the solar cooker and made more.


Brownie Scouts must work with Junior Scouts before bridging up to Juniors.
Our new bridging Brownie Scout was assigned the task of boiling water for another just-add-water preparation.
To keep it interesting, she did a quick "hobo stove,"  following the Cave Cooking 2 instructions from memory...


...she maintained her fire and stove (even clearing the air holes without being prompted) without any verbal instruction and boiled 2 pots of water.  The pot she is using is from a Coleman stainless steel mess kit.


For Dutch oven / hot pot cooking, we used these homemade devices on the lids of our pots.  Our pots had neither lipped lids nor feet, but this lid lip along with custom trivets did the job so that we could cook with coals underneath and on top of the pots.


All of the coals we used for cooking were made in a fire pit from oak logs.


The girls thank Karen Hood for her great ideas and vital instruction in the Cave Cooking 2 video.