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Texas Hoodlum Fall Gathering 08
Oxford Ranch Campground
Hosted by Two Wolves Outdoor

October 2008

Camp Cooking by E&E



Thursday Afternoon

Thursday afternoon was spent enjoying the arrival of our fellow Hoodlums, campsite setup, and good conversation as friends old and new trickled in to join us. 




rcwalla and Trapline took off to fish the pond after setting up camp.  We did not know if there was any fish in the pond until after Trapline caught some.  Although Trapline had not been fishing since he was a small boy, he took to it like an expert.  No worries about food with these boys here to fish.



Body Bag


Demons decided to try out the body bag.




Friday morning dawned crisp and beautiful.  After a good breakfast and excellent conversation,  waiting became not an option... the boys brought out the forge and began to work on their projects, Lynne brought out the gourds and craft goodies, and amid more good visiting, everyone enjoyed a fun day as the rest of the group arrived.






Saturday morning also dawned cool and lovely.  We began the day with a good breakfast cooked by the very talented E&E...  we all ate and talked way too much... then some of the guys did dishes!


Breakfast!! Elizabeth prepared a wonderful buffet.



After breakfast and clean up, Hoodlums gather to begin the activities of the day...


Some of the small kids gather to look at gear



rcwalla taught an extensive fire making class that included multiple fire starting methods as well as discussions on tools, tinder, and techniques.




livesalone brought out the blue tarp for gourds and other crafts.  oldsalt sat at the crafts area teasing us with his master carving skills... I would have that walking stick before the gathering was over.   Others came and went at their leisure to participate and work with Lynne.  Bladetx joined the group with some casual flint knapping and comedy relief.




at the forge....





Kit discussion






work in progress, more to come...