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The Cold Steel Bushman® has been a mainstay of the Cold Steel line for more than a decade now. It’s an economically simple design, with winning features like strength, versatility, and an affordable price. It’s practically perfect! Now Cold Steel has created a complement to it, a version small enough to carry with you everywhere you go. The new Pocket Bushman.
While it is physically impossible for any folding knife to ever match the strength and rigidity of a fixed blade, the Cold Steel Pocket Bushman, with its new patent pending lock, is close to hitting the mark.
The blade of the Cold Steel Pocket Bushman is long and wide with a short, sharp, clip point for usefulness and versatility; and, it is hollow ground from top to bottom with just enough belly to be useful for all sorts of tasks.  The blade is made from 4116 Krupp Stainless Steel.  4116 is a fine grained, stainless steel made by ThyssenKrupp in Germany and is used for hygienic applications (medical devices and the pharmaceutical industry) and food processing which make it a superb material for kitchen cutlery. The balance of carbon and chromium content give it a high degree of corrosion resistance and also impressive physical characteristics of strength and edge holding. Edge retention in actual cutting tests exceeded blades made of the 420 and 440 series of stainless steels. Other alloying elements contribute to grain refinement which increase blade strength and edge toughness and also allow for a finer, sharper edge.
For the handle of the Pocket Bushman, Cold Steel used the mono block construction method famously used in the French Douk Douk line of knives. There are several advantages to using the mono block. It’s simple to mass-produce, and, since there are no liners, handle scales or back spacers, the end result is quite affordable. A single sheet of stainless steel is folded in half to form a housing for the closed blade, as well as supplying the enormous strength and rigidity required to compliment the Ram Safe™ lock.
Andrew Demko designed the Ram Safe™ lock to work in tandem with the mono block handle. It features a unique, self adjusting ram that moves forward as the knife is opened and wedges itself tightly between the tang cut away we call the “shelf” and the “U” shaped “roof” of the handle. It’s powered by a strong compression spring that urges the ram forward and makes for an incredibly strong lock up. Positive pressure on the lock generated by heavy cutting or chopping strokes is distributed through the blade, then the blade tang shoulder and finally directly into the mono block handle that acts like a giant unbreakable stop pin.
Negative pressure from sticking, digging or prying with the point is directed in a different direction through the blade to the blade tang shelf and then to the ram which is squeezed between the shelf and the “U” shaped roof of the handle. Negative pressure easily defeats the vast majority of lock mechanisms. The only way the Ram Safe™ lock can be overcome is if the blade breaks or if the pivot pin is sheared off. Two situations that are highly improbable.
The Cold Steel Pocket Bushman is another fine example of affordable, quality knives at their best. 

Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Specs:

Overall Length: 10 1/4”
Blade Length: 4 1/2”

Blade Steel: Krupp 4116 Stainless
Handle: 420 Series Stainless w/ bead blast finish, lanyard hole

Includes: Pocket Clip, Lanyard
CS95FB MSRP : $39.99

      Cold Steel Pocket Bushman $30







Cold Steel knives represent real, solid value for the money




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