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Beautiful by nature.  Functional by design.

Bright or dim, necessity or nostalgia, light is an important part of everyday life as well as necessity in emergency or survival situations. 

The American-made, telescoping, Original Candle Lantern by UCO can be used either as a table light or hanging light to provide 360 degree illumination. Safe, reliable, lightweight and compact, the patented UCO Candle Lantern provides 9 hours of warm light from a single candle. It is perfectly suited to backpacking, mountaineering, snow camping and other outdoor pursuits and is simple to maintain and operate. 

The unique spring loaded candle cartridge keeps the candle flame at a consistent height while a small viewing window shows how much candle remains.  A glass chimney globe provides an excellent windscreen for the flame during use. The patented UCO design allows the lantern to telescope closed so that the entire glass globe is protected by the lantern body for storage, transportation, and packing while hiking and adventuring.  A stainless steel handle makes the candle lantern easy to hang or carry.  Comes with one 9 hour candle.  We do use these ourselves... see the review below.


size: 2" x 4.75" closed, 2" x 6.5" open
weight: 7.5oz including candle (aluminum and colored aluminum versions)
includes:  one 9 hour candle
made in USA
limited lifetime parts guarantee


Special Orders Welcome.
We will gladly special order other UCO Candle Lantern colors and styles for you.
Contact us at sales@twowolvesoutdoor.com with your request.






TwoWolves Tested

We have had our candle lantern for some time now.  Recently it was put through the ultimate test.  We took it on a camping trip we attended with a group of people.  While it was being shown off, fully lit, it was dropped to the ground.  It landed on its side.  The glass chimney did not break.  No part of the lantern broke.  The flame did not go out.  A small splash of wax on the glass chimney globe was the only evidence of its fall.  It continued to serve perfectly as a hanging light, table light, and carried lantern.



Industrial Revolution

Maker of the UCO Candle Lanterns and more!

Industrial Revolution, Inc. was founded in 1971 as UCO Corporation. Located in Redmond, Washington, the company has been a supplier of high quality equipment to the outdoor industry. The company is known in particular for it's outstanding line of beautiful and functional candle lanterns. In 2004 the company began selling its new Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker, a ball which allows users to participate in the ice-cream-making process by shaking and rolling the ball itself.


Industrial Revolution (UCO) Limited Lifetime Parts Guarantee

All of our candle lanterns are built to last for a lifetime of normal use. If one of our components fails under regular usage and you require a replacement part (other than parts which have been physically lost or glass breakage) we will promptly send you the replacement parts at no charge. Replacement candles and glass are readily available from your local UCO dealer





3pk  Replacement Candles $5.00  




Water bottles and purification

Nalgene Tritan Everyday bottle


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