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bastrop gathering
texas hoodlums




ouchie and I setup, discuss and plan.










Open campsites awaiting the arrival of the Hoodlums.

Scrap Iron shared the site in the foreground with almark and the future Hoodlum he brought along.


We had a beautiful area.





twodogstx shows off his new "man purse."

The Hoodlums never missed a moment to show off gear, discuss gear, trade gear, acquire gear, or demonstrate gear.  Flashlights were even brought out frequently at night for the sole purpose of looking at other gear.






Mullen (right) and Horehound (left) brought for identification purposes. 

Information on Horehound can be found in Wilderness Way magazine.









Early arrivals taking a break from setting up.

Ghostwolf, twodogstx, Scrap Iron, and ouchie drink, snack, and talk gear and politics.







Ghostwolf splits wood for the fire using a Fehrman and the baton method.

Many thanks to Scrap Iron who brought us a truck load of wood and to his friend who helped unload it all.








... fire at night.








Morning at base camp.



















rcwalla breaks out the fire starting toys with almark and swede.










Brumbie breaks out the forge and the hoodlums prepare for some serious metal working.









Meanwhile, almark, swede, and rcwalla are at the sparking tools.

rc showed us a variety of successful methods for making fire and demonstrated how easily one can be burned in the process if one is not cautious.







The forge put off an impressive glow seen even from a distance as well as an impressive heat felt all about the campsite area. 

To the far left is the staff-in-progress that ouchie is working on.









ouchie's anvil.

most impressive.










brumbie takes a moment from the forge to tempt us with the "nutella" he brought.  It is a hazelnut and cocoa butter spread with the consistency of peanut butter and is used like peanut butter.  I found the rich flavor more like that of a gourmet pastry filling and intend to stock as much of it as will fit my pantry and budget.






almark and ouchie take their turn at the forge.
















Some hikers passing by were quite taken with our goings on and stopped for a bit of instruction and information.







back at the forge (above)


More fire tools and stoves come out (below)






Brumbie's watch dog was ever on the alert for people coming and going... and ever protective of his family.








almark tries his hand at the fire bow with impressive success.









ouchie and rcwalla doing their deserved time at the pole of shame.









rcwalla tends the fire as we begin to think about dinner.








Meanwhile, ouchie and swede try their hand at making their own fire bows.  Mrs. Swede, trying her hand at fire making, later showed swede the minor flaw in the one he made.









And thus begins the great alcohol stove contest.









Gentlemen, start your stoves...








All stoves had the same amount of fuel.

The contest was to see which one would boil an equal amount of water first.







watching and waiting.










the most intense moment of concentration I witnessed all weekend.


and the most quiet.







And the winner is...   almark's alcohol stove.








almark shows us his design.









The second place stove actually burned for the longest period of time.









A quick photo of the late to leave taken by our most polite and tolerant camping neighbor.








The Texas Hoodlums thank Bastrop State Park for putting up with us, our campsite neighbors for putting up with us, each other for a great weekend of fun and learning, and Ron and Karen Hood of Hoods Woods for all their teachings, their support, and their Hoodlums forum which brings like minds together.

Visit Hoods Woods at : www.survival.com


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