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Texas Hoodlum Fall Gathering 09
Oxford Ranch Campground
Hosted by Two Wolves Outdoor

October 2009


Thank you to everyone who attended!  It is not a gathering without you.  Very special thanks to the people who made it happen:  Scrap Iron for cooking and hosting the Trade Blanket, Swede for cooking and forge demos and coffee and being a good sport, rcwalla for coffee and keeping me sane, fishbait and mightymouse for teaching and soup, and everyone who shared their knowledge and skills and contributed to the potluck.  A big thank you also to our entertainer this year, mrs.shotgunner and to texasmufflerman for contributing pictures.   The Pup would like to thank Ouchie for showing up and Mrs. Cargo for letting her hold Baby Cargo. 









Livesalone and I took Arik and collected some wild edibles



Ouchie and Old Salt work on carving staffs



A nasty cut and the hubcap of shame is awarded to a female for the first time!
Congratulations Mrs.Shotgunner for setting a new standard.




The crate of love... 





Trade Blanket

our Master of the Trade Blanket, Scrap Iron


before we begin, rc must receive a gift from his friends...  some friends.


now to the good stuff...



Mary is quite happy with her haul...


...but this is what I got... all hand-made custom by fishbait...  oh yeah!


then on with the festivities...


Gear workshop with RC and Fishbait






... and at the Forge..



Mary is giving her first aid class in wound care.


Hoodlum young...

the kids roasted pumpkin seeds and the Pup enjoyed babysitting



... then the Pup was the first of the kids to ever earn the hubcap of shame..  as a general rule the young are exempt, but being who she is, caught without a knife on her person when she has been gifted so many, it was voted that she earned it.  Here, mm bestows her with the honor.


Preparing for the potluck dinner...



the fishbait butter knife:

while preparing cobblers, Dissimulator and I pulled out knives to cut up butter, and lo and behold we had chosen the same blade... a beautiful small blade made by fishbait... hereafter to be known as "the butter knife"


Is dinner ready yet?


Yes, it is...




After dinner playtime with everyone's favorite toy... swede!  (who is a very good sport!)



and then some nice after dinner music ala wildenuff






The Broken Chair...  somehow, a chair was broken, probably Saturday night.  In true hoodlum fashion, Shotgunner presents how to use the pieces for other things...



Littlest shotgunner gets down and dirty like all good hoodlums do...

Lunch time... carefully preserved leftovers from the Saturday night feast turn into a wonderful Sunday brunch.



The Forge Crew... great job gentlemen!


After meticulous clean up of the campground, we all bid a fond farewell.

Until next time, my friends.... stay safe and thank you all for coming!!











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